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Use LPA Admin to manage your layered audting system
LPA Admin: Software designed to manage Layered Auditing Systems

LPA Admin is manufacturing audit management software designed to eliminate administrative waste while effortlessly exceeding any customer Layered Process Audit requirements. View a free demo at
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Guide to Implementing an Effective LPA System
Free Guide to Implementing an Effective LPA System

Get a free step-by-step guide to implementing an effective Layered Process Auditing system. Sign up for our free mailing list and download a checklist for developing your LPA system today.
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What are the Top 5 LPA Mistakes? Find out here
Free Information: Top 5 LPA Mistakes

Find out the top 5 mistakes in implementing Layered Process Audits. Register for our free mailing list and learn what traps to avoid today.
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Find Consultants and Informational Resources for Layered Process Audits Find Additional Information and Help

Get help from consultants offering LPA training and assistance, or find information about Layered Process Audits and other Quality and Lean Manufacturing topics.
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What are Layered Process Audits?

Manufacturing management must own the system and actively participate in performing audits. During the past few years, suppliers in the automotive industry have been implementing Layered Process Audits. Driven in part by mandates from the major automotive manufacturers, this technique for asserting more proactive control over manufacturing processes is regaining popularity and spreading beyond the automotive arena. But what are Layered Process Audits (LPA), exactly? In short, they are a system of audits performed by multiple levels of supervision and management to monitor key process characteristics and verify process conformance on an ongoing basis. They provide an excellent tool for minimizing variation in processes and error-proofing systems and making significant progress toward single-digit ppm and even meeting the goal of zero defects to your customers.

This site is dedicated to providing information and resources to individuals and companies interested in LPA. We are here to help you answer the What, Why and How of layered audits. Learn More

Essential Elements for Success:
•  Management must own the process
•  Identify and ask the right questions
•  Participation spans all management layers
•  Nonconformances lead to immediate containment
•  Include a process for continuous improvement
•  Schedule and perform audits regularly

Key Benefits:
•  Reduces variation in production
•  Improves & maintains discipline
•  Reduces scrap and eliminates waste
•  Improves discipline & communication
•  Increase Employee participation
•  Improves overall quality & cuts costs
•  Stops production problems from becoming rejections

   Free Information on
Insight Lean Solutions has developed a free checklist for implementing effective LPA systems. The implementation guide provides a list of questions each facility should answer in the process of developing a Layered Audit system. Use this list of questions, explanations, options and best practices to create a roadmap for a successful Layered Process Audit rollout. If you are just beginning to plan your LPA system, or if you are looking for ways to improve an existing system, this easy-to-follow free Guide to Implementing Layered Process Auditing is a great place to start.

Prevent or correct the most common mistakes made in developing and implementing Layered Process Audits. In addition to our implementation guide, we have also compiled a list of the most common mistakes made in Layered Process Auditing. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and eliminate existing problems that lead to an LPA system that creates a large administrative burden and provides little value to your organization. Download the Top 5 Layered Process Audit Implementation Mistakes for free today.

   Get Help with LPA

Are you looking for assistance in developing an effective Layered Process Audit system? Would you like help evaluating the effectiveness of your current system? Do you want to gain the most benefit from your LPA system with the least cost and effort, but don't know how? We are compiling a list of resources to help you with your LPA needs. Learn More

AIAG has published a set of guidelines developed for GM, FCA and Ford. The guidelines can be purchased via the AIAG website.